there。|| a cup of magazine #1 ||

All my friends/family know that I am addicted to magazines.  (must came from the crazy uni research days…)Not only enjoy the glamourous/ creative images, but also love to read all the articles (those editors know woman way better than women.) , especially ELLE magazine. I found it mature/ interesting/ knowledgeable with fun editing and smart columns. Love the both uk and china edition.

認識我的人都知道我很愛很愛看雜誌。(我覺得這是一個歷經設計學位後的一個後遺症)看雜誌不僅僅能看到驚艷的時尚大片, 我還很愛讀雜誌裡的文章 (這些編輯真的比女人還懂女人)尤其是ELLE雜誌。她不僅僅內容成熟知性還有著很有創意的排版設計, 尤其是英國與中國的版本。

Part from all the fashionable pictures from all the magazines, here is the beautiful images i found inside June china ELLE. Amazing set with stunning accessories and lovely lovely flowers. very elegantly creative.

除了那些在每本時尚雜誌必定看到的時尚攝影外, 這一次中國ELLE的六月刊裡的配飾攝影讓我整個沒辦法把目光移開。巧妙的把配件跟花朵融合在照片裡。好甜美也好優雅。

Another magazine I found is H&M magazine. It’s FREE to get from all the stores.


Surprisingly found out it’s not just a lookbook-magazine, it has CONTENTS!! Interviews, must have items, analysing trends and make-it-yourself column. Just the way I love to learn something from a magazine. and this one is FREE!  (i know i’ve mention it twice… haha)

令人意外的是它並不像一般店裡拿的小冊子一樣只是形象照片, 它更多了…“內容”。像是名人面談, 本季重點單品, 流行趨勢解析, 動手DIY教學…等等。完全符合我愛讀雜誌的特點—能學到點東西。重點是這本是免費的!

WOOO…you really can’t judge by the book cover. H&M does know how to promote and branding. Genius.


(love this get your diy on column. especially it’s featuring my favourite blogger PARK & CUBE. )

hope you enjoying it. and maybe next time i can do a feature on electronic magazine.

希望你們會喜歡這次的雜誌分享, 下次可能可以做個 關於”電子時尚雜誌“的推薦 (尤其是免費的那種!)



images from ELLE CHINA (JUNE)/ H&M magazine (taken by eileen)



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